I am a lecturer in Mathematical Sciences at Dublin City University, where I am working on Spatiotemporal Statistics for global scale climate data.

Research interests


  1. A Gaussian Process Regression Model for Distribution Inputs
    F. Bachoc, F. Gamboa, J.-M. Loubes, and N. Venet
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2018 [article] [arXiv preprint]
  2. On the existence of fractional Brownian fields indexed by manifolds with closed geodesics
    N. Venet
    [arXiv preprint]
  3. Nonexistence of fractional Brownian fields indexed by cylinders
    N. Venet
    Electronic Journal of Probability, 2019 [article]


  1. An anisotropic model for global climate data
    N. Venet and A. Fassò
    Invited specialized session at SIS2019, Smart Statistics for Smart Applications, 2019 [arXiv preprint] [slides]
  2. Modèles de régression gaussienne pour des distributions en entrée
    N. Venet, F. Bachoc, F. Gamboa, and J.-M. Loubes
    49è Journées de statistique, 2016


You can find my PhD thesis here. Articles 1. and 2. above contains the same results with better motivation and writing, while the thesis introduces background material.

Slides from the defense are here.

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